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Colour is my passion, for me, there can never be too much colour in the world.....more is definitely more!! This collection is so much fun to create. I love not being constrained in my creativity, to just turn the music up in the workshop and to let the colours flow.

It's lovely to lose yourself for a few glorious hours to let the worries of the world fade away and allow yourself the luxury of creating work which is infused with pure joy. Creating work for this collection allows me to give in to the overwhelming temptation to pack in just one more colour.

I get pleasure from the knowledge that the person who chooses this collection shares my passion for colour, that my work infuses their space with fun and allows them to express their individual style in their home. Lamps, mirrors, picture frames, candleholders, bowls, plates, fused glass art sculptures and wall art can be seen in this collection.

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