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Purple Passion Collection

The colour purple washes over me like a gentle wave of comfort and calm. Purple is a colour that soothes my soul and makes me feel like I have been enveloped in a warm embrace. ( which my very funny husband just scoffed at......exclaiming in a very serious tone.......ahh now hold on.......sure with COVID you wouldn't be having any warm embrace)

The soft delicate feminine tones of purple and pink combined are very gentle and elegant. For me, these luscious colours conjure up images of a serene elegant lady.  This collection is inspired by a very special lady who I was so lucky to have had in my life.

My love of purple and creating fused glass art using this colour has travelled in two very different but equally beautiful directions:

One side of this collection is dominated by very delicate pinks, purples and white combinations.  This is a very soothing feminine timeless combination. 

The second is a cheerful, whimsical and playful combination of purple, green and white. This collection is fun and fresh while still being a very comforting soothing palette.